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The Insurance Rapper, Michigan 

Big Dog has filed a claim against the Michigan Police Department for cuffing him to weird and unnatural objects and people every time he is arrested. He has now filed a petition that from now onwards he should only be cuffed to his Michigan Medicare policy. 

The Michigan Police Department too is fed up with arresting Big Dog almost on a daily basis on assorted charges. 

In his claim Big Dog has claimed that the first time he was arrested, the police guys cuffed him with a 500-lb wild woman(Lady Lucille), and because of that he developed osteoporosis at such a young age. The second time they arrested Snoop, they had the decency to chain him to the prison bars – but they let out the police complex for a Happy Stuff-rated movie shoot. The treatment for (a) and (b) above cost Snoop something like 100k! If he had a Michigan Medical Insurance policy, his cost would have been ZERO! 

Individual Health Insurance Michigan  

The third time Snoop was caught, he was cuffed to Hannibal Lectenshtein, America’s leading cannibal. This happened on the day Hannibal was going to break his Atkin’s diet and start chomping on some flesh. This is the reason you see Snoop in pigtails nowadays – Hannibal had chomped viciously on his scalp and helped parts of his skin forever. Then after chomping on Snoop’s scalp, Hannibal developed extremely disgusting flatulence and knocked Snooped out with his odors. This treatment cost Snoop much more than the treatment mentioned above. 

This is why Snoop wants to be cuffed to his Michigan Health Insurance policy the next time he is arrested. Maybe the Michigan Police Department has different plans.
— Rioters news
This is the scoop on Snoop. OK, that was about Snoop and his Michigan Medicare policy: now, let’s talk about you! You may not be arrested regularly, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a Michigan Medicare policy!  

A Michigan Medicare policy will take care of you and save you loads of money in case a medical emergency crops up. Remember, our site is networked with the best Michigan insurance companies and we can get you a real cool, affordable Michigan Medicare policy in no time. So, go right ahead and take a Michigan Medicare policy right from this site.

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