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  • Sarah Stevens - 38, Albion
    “Really friendly service. Many thanks to all your staff.”
    per month
  • Jessica Altman - 55, Carson City
    “MHI has looked after me for years…keep up the good work!”
    per month
  • Dave Forde - 46, Detroit
    “The best in Detroit. Saved my small business!”
    per month
  • Dale Poborsky - 52, Odessa Township
    “I wish I’d gone with you guys sooner and saved money on previous group plans.”
    per month
  • P. T. Warren - 50, Alma
    “Great service. Thanks to all at Michigan Health Insurance.”
    per month
  • Marcia Dennis - 44, Detroit
    per month
  • Jamie Phelps - 53, Springfield
    “Called me back immediately and sorted out all my insurance queries. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, excellent service. Thanks.”
    per month
  • Leroy Wooten - 48, Detroit
    “Thanks again for all your help.”
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